Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Yeah Camp!"

That's right, here I go to Lost Canyon for a month of working my buns off! No cell phone, but if you want stay in touch PLEASE write me letters! Preferably letters full of encouragement and love!

Write the address like this!

Kelsey Waldron-Work Crew
Young Life Lost Canyon
1450 Perkinsville Rd
Williams, AZ 86046

Yay (:

So, today I got a letter in the mail from my friend, Tommy. He's working on houseboats all summer! He sent me a Polaroid of himself on a houseboat plus two pages of encouraging words about how life is on the delta. I am so thankful for everything God is doing in his heart while he is away.

Today I felt very organized as I went to OCC to take care of my scholarship information. I had all the information I needed with me, ready and avalible for the woman to take care of everything. I hope that this organization carries on to my next years of schooling!

After I took care of my business in the scholarship office, I went to seek out job information. I easily found a few job openings on campus and that was that. I came home, applied online to the bookstore, and went over to Megan's to swim.

When I dried off after soaking in the pool, I checked my phone and had a text message from my dad telling me to call the OCC book store......... In less than 3 hours after applying I was offered a job! This may all change because of my leaving for a month, but hopefully this job will come through! Regardless of the outcome, life always will continue to be amazing(: I am so thankful for the blessings I have in this life. God, help me to know how to bless others. AMEN!

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