Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have been stuck on a mental plateau that, last night, I finally reached the end of. My mind is now progressing again at a quick pace. Even though the things my mind is obsessing over may not be the brightest, I am so joyful because I am thinking about life in a deeper way than I have been for the past few months. IT feels good to have my mind working again.

Recently I have discovered my artistic abilities are greater than I thought. I want to find my passion in the arts because, as of now, passion is the main component I am lacking. Painting is slow, but the results are beautiful. I think I am so caught up in time recently that the slowness of painting is frustrating me. For who knows when time will end!??!

Next semester I am taking english, mass communication, french, pilates, and an art class. I don't know what art class I want to take. We shall see. I may also take astrology and a few other courses.


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