Saturday, August 30, 2008

neon cross

God has blessed me with difficult people and difficult situations. You might not think "blessed" is the right word, but I do.

Spiritual maturity at my young age is rare. Actually, spiritual maturity at any age is rare. I'm reading an amazing book called unChristian and I seriously recommend it to people strong in their faith and people not so strong. It talks a lot about the 3% of the US population with a "Christian wold-view" and how lame that small percentage is! The reason Christianity has such a bad rep is because of the other 97% of people who call themselves Christians but don't live out their faith.

I give this analogy a lot, someone awesome told it to me and it really hit home. If you really, truly believed that I was going to punch you in the face you would react, right? You would block it or dodge it or hit me back or do something. Most people wouldn't just sit there and let me punch their lights out.
In the same way, if you really, truly believed that Jesus Christ died for all the sins of humanity and if you really, truly believed that every single person on this earth is imperfect and is infected with sin with no way out except through Him and He gave up his life for you to live eternally in heaven.... you would react, right? You wouldn't just sit there, I know it.


I know I'm not perfect. I know I can never live up to God's awesome standards and that no matter how hard I try I will keep on sinning. But God is bigger than all our imperfections. He calls us saints and He wants us to live up to that. If you ask, He will forgive. He wants to see us succeed and follow His path of righteousness.

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