Sunday, November 9, 2008

It feels like forever

Hello blog world. It's been over a week now but I am happy to once again be sharing my thoughts to whoever wants to read them.

Recently I have been thinking about age and maturity. They somewhat go hand-in-hand, but there are many cases where the maturity that stereotypically coincides with one's age does not accurately represent their actual level of maturity. The person's maturity could often be higher than the stereotypical level. It could also, even more often, be less. I believe I am of average maturity in many areas of my life, less-than-average in other areas, and higher than in a few others.

I was about to list examples, but I don't want to anymore. My mind was just thinking about the question What or who defines normal? Where do these stereotypes come from? Why are so many people afraid to think a different thought or to step outside their comfort zone? I know I'm scared. I try to challenge myself every day, and I fail every day. I try to let my mind be as free and creative as it can possibly be. With every day I let my mind expand into foreign lands, the more possibilities I can see forming right before my eyes. These changes in the way I think and the way I live are exciting! My wish for you, whoever is reading this, is that you would know how powerful your mind is. Don't limit yourself and don't let other people tell you what to think or how to be. You need to know that you are in control of the way you act and the way you think. Just because the popular perception of beauty isn't you (it isn't me either... it's no one really. It's completely fake.) BUt, just because the PopulaR and "accepted" view of beauty isn't you or me doesn't mean you should be hating on your body or the way you were made!! Think of how freakin boring life would be if we were all perfect!! THAT is the beauty I see in life! Imperfections and 'blemishes' are what I thrive for! I want people to know that they are exactly how they are made to be. God wouldn't change a hair on your head or one thing about you! The imperfection that the world sees in you is the perfection God sees in you! Embrace it!!! If you're tall, flaunt it! If you're short, heck yeah you are!

I really believe in that. Let your mind wander around that for a little bit.

ALso, This world doesn't even matter. ahhahaha I think about that all the time. I don't mean we should all just give up on living because it doesn't matter... that's not what I mean. Some people are meant to be the way our world is, the way america is. I just have a hard time believing that we're ALL meant to be that way. SOoo much pressure is put on high school students to have the "Perfect American Lifestyle". Graduate high school, go to college, get a degree, use it in a career ... somehow, and raise your kids to do the same. WHY IS THAT NORMAL!>!??!?! It kills me!!!

Hahah thank you if you read this. I love you. And I still love you if you didn't!

Peaceee sucka freeee Sunday night(:

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