Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been thinking about everything today and it's overwhelming my mind. Too much random, unorganized thinking is not healthy, I have decided. I need to organize my thoughts. I hope this makes no sense to you.

This world sucks. Jesus is the only good thing about living. I don't understand how people can stand being on this earth with nothing to look forward to or nothing to be pursuing. I am pursuing Christ and that is the only thing constant in my life. Other than that, nothing is constant. It is difficult to live with little consistency of anything. When life is boring ,I want it to be more exciting. When life is exciting, I want it to slow down. Life is so crazy right now and I just want everything in my life to shut up. I wish I had more self control and I wish I was in heaven praising God with everything of my soul.

I love loving people but I wish everyone loved everyone. I guess the fact that so many people have so much hate make loving people a rare thing.

I wish I didn't feel like I needed anything else constant in my life besides God. I only feel like this because of the dumb situation I have put myself in. I shouldn't let myself get like this. I want to draw the line but I've already passed it. I need my feelings and my wants to go away. Googly googly go away, I don't want you here anymore. God's will, not mine.

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