Sunday, October 12, 2008

la la la la la love

I'm having a lame weekend. MANY great things happened, such as 2 extra days off, my wyld life talk went well on thursday, a wonderful show on friday, and Homecoming was fabulous!!!!
Everything on the outside was amazing, but my insides are hating life. My heart isn't happy and my head is stressing on trying to figure out why it's not happy like it always is. I have a head ache. I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I haven't done any homework. I just want to be in heaven.

Being stressed over earthly things is soooo laameeeeeeeeeeeee! It doesn't even matter but everyone thinks it matters so that makes me think it matters too. I wish my parents weren't so concerned about the world. They stress me out the most. Life is not about how many A's I can get my teachers to bubble in on my report card. I wish they saw that.

I miss work crew. I miss woodleaf. I miss the perfection of being in that place. I miss my Bano Babes and our wonderful work crew boss. THe laundry ladies and Heather. Sean's and Charles' faces. I miss summer stafffffff and assignment team. I miss the blob. I miss Bill and all the "Hey Neighbor"s. I miss seeing kids change right before our eyes. I miss singing to them after the 15 minutes. I miss helping the dining hall. I miss our best days and I even miss our worst day ever. I miss when our biggest worry was Emily telling us to get into bed. I miss the bonds we all made and all the prayers we said together. I miss running around in Mar Mar's leotard and trying to do cartwheels all the time. I miss Tableau night. I miss my woodleaf family. I love you alllllllllllllllll and I'm always praying for all of you.

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alli said...

Kelsey keep on smiling!! I stumbled upon your blog and noticed this entry and I miss Woodleaf, was such an amazing experience and I was incredibly blessed to share it with you. You are an amazing girl and have such wonderful insight - you are so loved by God and I know that you know that :-) but it is SO true! God has an incredible purpose for your life!!! Stay strong and live for Him!! -alli (dining hall!)