Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thinking about high school and how I'm still suck in that world makes me sick. I just want to cry. High school is not where I want to be. I want to be out in the world. I hate being surrounded by bad feelings and bad people. I hate being forced to be around my past self all the time and remember memories that I just want to forget. I hate how we're not friends anymore. Seeing people I used to be so close with makes me just want to scream!!! I don't know what made us fall apart from each other, maybe we're just different. We want different things, we have different goals. But we had so much fun and I still have so much love for you. I'm stuck in the past. I need to let myself move on. I want to graduate. Last year was so much better.

AnyyyyWAYYYYSSSSS I'm 18. Last night was fun. I love Jen. We watched a movie called Speak. It's amazing.
I'm about to go to Lutheran High's thrift store for their $5 bag sale.... that's what i've been looking forward to for SOOO lONGGGGG. hahah I love new, old clothes

PEAceee sucka freeeee 18-year-old sundaeeeee

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