Monday, October 6, 2008

"You're destroying my self confidence"

That's a line in Flowers for Algernon. We're doing that play in ATA this semester.

That line's been stuck in my head all night. Sometimes my mom destroys my self confidence. I don't like the way she shuts down every idea I have. I feel like she's so consumed with "the way of the world" and can't accept anything that goes against that. I'm trying to concentrate on what God wants for me but it's so hard when my mom is telling me to do other things. God is calling me to be bold and take risks and my mom wants me to take the safe route. I don't know how to do anything, I just know to pray.
Tonight my mom started picking me apart. She loves me, but she lets the world get the best of her sometimes. I just pray I can show her the most complete love possible.

I'm emotionally drained. I'm stressed. I need a 4 day weekend. I need my cousins and my aunt. I love you guys.

peace sucka freeeeee sundae

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