Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You can't make other people think like you. You can't make people see what you see. Knowing a lot of musicians, I have been thinking a lot about their reasons behind playing. Do you play for yourself, to affect others, to spread a message of some kind? I know that there are so many people around this earth that think like me and have similar thoughts as me. I pray for them. I pray that they be encouraged in everything they do. All a musician can do is put their music, their soul out there. Musicians really are so vulnerable. When someone makes something that is so beautiful to them, there are always people who will be disgusted by it. No one thinks the same or has the same taste in anything. Compatible tastes are so important in any relationships. Even respect of others tastes are important. Compromise is important too. Some people are so full of pride that they can't let someone else get their way. I pray for them. I know I act that way sometimes and I pray that I don't.

What can you control? Yourself. Pray about everything else. Worrying about anything won't get you anywhere. Just pray.

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