Sunday, September 14, 2008


My new favorite book in the Bible is Ecclesiastes. God has a sense of humor and I love when I see it and get to laugh with Him. I have been struggling with the meaninglessness of life and I was just led to open my bible and look up these verses. They led me straight to Ecclesiastes and it's so solid. I recommend it for sure !

I'm on internet explorer and it does not have spell check like mozilla; I'm struggling.

I hate when people make things complicated. I make things complicated all the time and I wish I didn't. Life is so easy if you just let it be. Seriously, give everything up to God, He knows what He's doing. Let him lead you and guide you in the right direction. I don't like when having a crush on someone turns into the complicated stage of liking each other. Are we hanging out, dating, in a relationship, together, not together, friends, more than friends? It makes me cringe.
Maybe I'm just lazy, but when a relationship with a guy just falls into place for me, then maybe I'll settle down. Until then, hayyyy single life & little crushes ! What's the point of being serious at this young anyways? I'm down for awesome friendships. Maybe some day we'll be together, but I'm not planning on settling down any time soon.

Let's be friends

PEACE sucka freee sundaaaeeeeeeeee (:

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