Friday, September 5, 2008

Senior discount?

I'm a senior in high school. I feel so young. My 18th birthday is in less than 2 months and a part of me is super excited, but the other part of me is dreading it like crazy. Me? An adult? You've got to be joking.

I either want to go to Cal Lutheran University or go on mission trips for a year after I graduate. I don't want to be in Orange County. I know that by then I'll be so sick of being here because that sickness has already started.

Dance party birthday party?????? I'm just throwing that idea out there.

My schedule is has so much less stress put into it this year. One of the main things I have to concentrate on is my Gold Award for Girl Scouts. Heck yeah I'm still a Girl Scout, 13 years strong suckas.

Tonight is my first night of work in over a month. I'm excited that I've found motivation to do well at everything I do through Christ. Without Him as my motovator, I wouldn't be getting anything done. I'm excited to look back on this year and hope I can say that the decisions I'm making now are the right ones.

-4.0 gpa
-get into Cal Lutheran
-get a hefty scholarship to attend Cal Lutheran
-embrace my teachers, not challenge them
-not get caught up, sit back and think logically about decisions I make
-contact YWAM about serving with them
-be bold and joyful for Jesus

Peeeeace sucka free sundaeee !!!!!!!

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