Friday, September 5, 2008


I want a bike. At this moment in time, I am excited to turn 18. This winter break my family & Jen & I are going to Chicago and I'm excited for that too!!!! I'm also excited for going to the santa ana art district this weekend wooo!

Art class at Foothill is the most fun class I've ever taken. I love it. For years I've been holding myself back from things I love just to conform to how I think this world wants me to be. I'm so glad I'm over that stage and on to things that I LOVE. I love art and seeing how different people all express themselves in different ways. Every person on this earth is an artist but not one person expresses themselves in the exact same way. Art takes endless forms and I loooove seeing how different people show a piece of their soul. I feel that art is a little glimpse of one's soul. Seeing into the soul is rare but when it happens, it's something magical.


Peace SUcka FreeeEEEEEE SundaE

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