Saturday, May 23, 2009


On Thursday I took my placement tests at OCC. They were relatively simple and everything is good with that. My best friend was even at school when I was there so we got to hang out! Woo! When I got back to my car with Jen after my tests there was a $17 parking ticket on my window. It was lame but I didn't let it bum me out. At that point in time, I had $13 in my possession.

I kind of forgot about my ticket, and I also forgot that I had to babysit on Friday night. I planned to hang out with some of my friends that night, completely forgetting about the previous commitment I had made! We were on our way to the beach when I got a phone call from the house I was supposed to be at. We quickly turned around and I got my little tush over there! Unfortunately, because of my horrible memory and lack of correct planning, I had to let down my friends that I had planned a fun night with. I was sad about that, but babysitting was very fun. The kids were so nice and we played Butts Up like nobody's business!

The parents got home at 11; the kids were already in bed. We all had a good night. As I was driving home with my payment of $32 in my pocket, I realized that God had completely provided for the ticket I had received the day prior. I drove home humbled.

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