Saturday, May 9, 2009


I crave reality. I can't believe so many people go so long in this life being fake to everyone! It bums me out! My life has been SO amazing ever since I started being real with myself and everyone around me. It makes me sad that people are too afraid to let themselves be real! It's scary at first, letting your real self be vulnerable. But after you stop being fake for a while, you realize that being fake takes so much work and the effects aren't even worth it in the end. Being real is so much more rewarding.

Plans (that may or may not change):

1. Graduate (hopefully this plan does not change)
2. OakBridge with Megan, Lissele & other ladies
3. LostCanyon for a month with the new best friends I haven't met yet
4. Keep making my relationship with Christ so much stronger
5. Palm Springs / a taste of freedom
6. Summer = Get fit
7. Keep taking pictures
8. Art @ OCC
9. Agency hunting

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