Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I don't know why this has been bugging me so much lately. Actually, I do.

I'm a huge fan of new things, open minds, and being truthful with people. Because I am a fan of these things, it's weird for me to try and step in the shoes of someone who isn't. I like variety.

I have a really hard time accepting that some people don't like me. I want to be friends with everyone but I don't think some people like that I'm always doing different things. I look back on some of my friends who used to be closer to me and wonder why we drifted apart. I miss them. But then I look at what they're doing with their life now and it's exactly the same as when we were friends. No change, no variety. They still have the same conversations, go the same places, talk to the same people. I see no growth when I talk to them and that makes me either not miss them at all, or it makes me want to take them out of their comfort zone and show them the amazing things life has to offer outside their little bubble.

Come explore life with me. You might think you know what you like, but how can you know what your favorite is when you haven't tried everything else?

Peace sucka freeee SUNdaaaeeeeeee

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