Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Such a simple concept. I love doing nothing. Nothing parties are my current favorite thing to do. If you would like to know, nothing parties consist of sitting, laying, or even running around and just breathing, laughing, and making good conversation. Nothing to it really.

I genuinely admire people that can sit around for long periods of time and have intelligent conversation. I feel like not everyone is capable of doing this. I've met plenty of people that would call nothing parties boring or lame or anything other than amazing. To be able to sit and just talk all day, a person has to be content with himself and confident in who he is, or he will be left confused. They must have an open mind or else they will be left fuming. Jen and I are the queens of nothing parties. We have them every day at least once a day. It feels so good to talk about deeper thoughts instead of talking trash or other shallow things. It would be nice to find some other nothing-fans who would like to join us though. When you pretty much agree with every word that comes out of someone's mouth, there aren't many mind-expanding or challenging moments.

I just watched Mean Girls again tonight. I like that movie but it bothers me. I guess the point of it isn't to be realistic, but seriously? The line, "There's a 30% chance that it's raining right now," is the last straw.

peace SUCkaaa frEEE SundaaaaeeeeeeeeEEEEeeee

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