Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am perfect in my imperfections.

It makes me sad when people try to act perfect in every aspect of life. That has to be so hard! Putting up a front of perfectness all the time, covering up all your weak spots, dang, that's hard work. It makes me sad when I realize my imperfections and try to confide in someone with what I'm struggling with and they turn around and say "Oh, that sucks" then act like they're better than me.

I don't know if that makes sense, but why can't everyone just be there for everyone else? What about acting like you're better than someone gives you piece of mind? I know you're not perfect and I'm not saying that to be mean, I'm saying that to be real. "Perfection," whatever that might be, is unattainable.

Your imperfections and weaknesses make you unique, why not embrace yourself?

peace sucka free saturday

show tonight, I'm pumped!
woodleaf in 2 weeks, I'm RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED!

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