Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Girl

When men act like little girls, I want to punch someone in the face. It's not cool when I am more manly than someone with a penis.

That said, I love when things are made all better by humor and laughter. You can be as girlish as you want as long as the girlishness is followed by laughter instead of me feeling of wanting to punch someone. Then I dig it.

Anyway, so I've had this intense ear infection, that I won't go into detail about, for about 6 months. When I say intense I mean IN TENTS intense. The most cray cray ear infection you've ever seen, It won't quit! But I went to an ear specialist today, he was hilarious and I already feel like my ear's healing. Hooray for doctors who know what they're doing! The Irvine Walk In Clinic just wasn't cutting it for me... I don't trust them, and I trust just about anyone.

I am going surfing tomorrow with Jen, George, Evan and hopefully Jeff and Emma. It's going to be the most epic nothing party ever without a doubt.


Peaceeee Sucka FREE SUNDAAAeeeeeee

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