Saturday, July 19, 2008


I like getting to know people. I love meeting new people and making new friends, absolutely love it. People are so awesome and I love how people all think different thoughts about the same things. Opinions are so great, I can't believe sometimes how God gave everyone the ability to think for themselves.

I feel like I enjoy getting to know people because I am on an endless search to find more people who just get me. Honestly, I know one person. We are friend soul mates. Froul mates, if you will. Every person in the world has potential to be a soul mate in one form or another. It freaks me out that I let people pass me in the street without getting to know them. Those people just walking by could relate to me on so many levels and I'll never even know because we will never see each other again, let alone share our thoughts.

So, I think I am getting annoyed a lot recently because so many people are letting down my expectations. I don't think that these expectations are right for me to have and I don't believe they are really attainable, but I see people throw their morals out the window and that makes me sad. I see people settle for less than what they deserve and that makes me sad.

I have a few people in mind that live way past my ridiculous expectations and I hope that we do connect on that level. More people to nothing party with is all I want. Nothing party fever!!!

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