Tuesday, July 8, 2008

thank you for smoking

I've actually never seen that movie, but now that I mention it, why do people think smoking is cool? When it's 90 degrees outside, is it awesome inhaling tar into your lungs? Can someone answer that for me, because I don't really get it. I've never smoked before so maybe I just don't know anything, but that really does not sound appealing.

What is the cool-factor about smoking anyways? It's ridiculously unhealthy in so many ways, and plus it's addicting. Do people think it makes them seem older? Grown up? Mature? Maybe some people see it that way, but when I see young people smoking I see them throwing their lives away. "I'm a social smoker," yeah yeah yeah yeah tell me that again in 15 years when you live off cigarettes and have lung cancer!

What's so hard about saying "no thanks"?

Peace SUCKA FREEEEEEEE SundaaaaeeeeeeeeeeE!!!!!

p.s. PEER PRESSURE SUCKS. lame squad. Just say no, kids!

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